This post is more of a test than anything—A blog has to start somehow. The hope is that this blog will evolve into something useful and interesting over time.

As someone who studied mathematics and physics as an undergraduate, my acquisition of computer skills has been extracurricular and haphazard. It’s a good way to learn, though I occasionally become painfully aware of gaping holes in my knowledge base.

The “gaping hole” on my mind right now is web development; front end development in particular. I’ve been aware of HTML, JavaScript and CSS for a long while. I’ve read about frameworks like Backbone and Angular. But I’ve done almost nothing in this sphere.

Today I took a small step into the world of web development by making this blog on Github Pages. The Jekyll blogging framework is favorable to code monkeys; it liberates them from the GUIfied coddling of Blogger and its ilk (this is important, as coders need to feel smugly superior to their less computer literate peers. I know this, because I’m typing this in vi). At the same time, the blogger isn’t left completely comfortless—a variety of plugins enable the features one should expect in a modern blog (e.g. comments). Furthermore, when a Jekyll blog is hosted on Github, it can serve as advertisement for the blogger’s other work.

Today I fiddled with Google’s custom search engine service, hoping that it will make my site searchable (I guess I optimistically assume that I will be writing many posts). It doesn’t seem to yield anything yet, but that may be because my blog is too empty for Google to index its contents.

Future posts will actually cover problems that I’m working on, or reading that I’m trying to digest. Little by little, it will be more useful to me (and perhaps more interesting to the reader)\( \blacksquare \)