Our algorithmic fairness group has been blessed with fame and riches.

A few days ago, this article went up on the University of Wisconsin main webpage:

UW-Madison researchers tackle bias in algorithms

I’m proud of myself for not looking dumb in the photo, or sounding dumb in my quote.

So that’s the aforementioned “fame”. The “riches” refer to a $1M NSF grant awarded to my advisor, Aws Albarghouthi, a couple of months ago. My research will be funded with this grant; I am very grateful to Aws and the NSF for this opportunity.

\( \blacksquare\)

2017-07-12: Since posting, our research has gotten modest exposure in some other news outlets. I’m gathering links to articles here:

Wisconsin State Journal—UW software aims to find and fix biased computer programs

TechRepublic—Fairness-verification tool helps avoid illegal bias in algorithms

StarTribune—Wisconsin researchers awarded grant to fix algorithmic bias

San Francisco Chronicle—Wisconsin researchers awarded grant to fix algorithmic bias